41st ICC Institute Annual Conference

29 November 2021 | Les Salons de L’Aéro-Club de France, Paris

The 41st edition of the ICC Institute Annual Conference will take place on 29th November 2021. This year the theme is “Rethinking the Paradigms of International Arbitration”.

Lenz & Staehelin's Head of Arbitration (Geneva), Dr Xavier Favre-Bulle will be joining representatives from many law firms and institutions around the world to speak at this international event. Together with      Jennifer Kirby and Christopher Newmark, he will open the afternoon session on the following topic:

The Use and Abuse of Factual Witnesses

  • Discussing the role of witness evidence and when it is useful (or not).
  • Refocusing the way that we prepare, use and present witness evidence to maximize its value (for example, addressing issues related to influences on witnesses’ memories, examined in the Report of the ICC Task Force on Maximising the Probative Value of Witness Evidence and difficulties with lengthy witness statements that form part of a party’s written submissions).
  • Analysing how best to address the issues that arise with regard to witness testimony given remotely.

For more information, please refer to the International Chamber of Commerce's website.