LES Switzerland – Innovation as a Tool for Tackling Global Challenges

Friday, 3 February 2023
Geneva Graduate Institute, Geneva

The history of mankind is a history of innovation. Crises and threats have been solved by innovative ideas, making progress possible in technology and culture. In a world of fast-evolving global challenges, innovation has become the necessary ingredient for industries to survive and an essential factor in tackling global crises that necessitate creative solutions.

LES Switzerland takes a look behind the scenes to understand how innovation is helping to tackle some of the current global challenges. Our impressive line-up of speakers will give first-hand insights into how industries as different as agriculture and automotive use innovative tools to make a difference, in particular on climate change. Switzerland will be in the special focus of the second part of the conference with a view on how the world's most innovative country is encouraging innovation, featuring a case study of innovation in the legal industry by a Swiss entrepreneur. Finally, the conference will take a decisively international view of how COVID-19 has shaped the innovation landscape and how, more generally, IP can be used as a tool for sustainability.

The conference will be moderated by Peter Ling.

Profile Peter Ling

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