Knowledge is worthless if not applied properly. So at Lenz & Staehelin we make sure that the lawyers and tax experts we hire are highly talented and motivated as well as highly qualified for executive consulting services. There are very few law firms in Switzerland that have managed to sustain and build on the strengths of the founding partners so well by adding new talent. The result is that our clients can now draw on the know-how and experience of three generations of specialists.

Our processes are designed to allow young associates to work side by side with partners. New employees are also given comprehensive training. All partners, associates and trainees are expected to keep abreast of developments on an ongoing basis. And junior lawyers appreciate the opportunity of working for a year in the other office – either Zurich or Geneva.

Geneva / Lausanne

  • Nathan Bouvier
  • Aurélie Cachelin
  • Abdul Carrupt
  • Johana Cau
  • Quentin Cuendet
  • Bertrand Donzé
  • José García-Aranda
  • Anaëlle Genoud 
  • Chloé Hasler
  • Célia Huart
  • Evan Kohler
  • Kayané Köse
  • Léna Laghzaoui
  • Kevin Laurent
  • Bernardo Marques
  • Sophie Moine
  • Sophie Moreillon
  • Tanguy Peter
  • Patricia Pinto
  • Maximilien de Ridder
  • Sophie Rippstein
  • Nalini Roy-Stampfli
  • Céline Squaratti
  • Ann-Sophie Schubert
  • Adrien Vion
  • Marina Voloshinovskaya
  • Xin Ye


  • Kimberly Amrein
  • Simona Baselgia
  • Domenic Brand
  • Philipp Anton Burri
  • Jannick Koller
  • Joshua Lehmann
  • Michelle Lindenmann
  • Samuel Mätzler
  • Michael Meyer
  • Nick Mezger
  • Eva Müller
  • Clarissa Muschner
  • Rebecca Rötheli
  • Julia Victoria Schmidiger
  • Marco Seiler
  • Luzius Sidler
  • Sabina Suppiger
  • Armin Trautmann
  • Natascha von Sury d'Aspremont
  • Timo Walt
  • Florian Willi