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A bold step into the future for a brand steeped in tradition

A bold step into the future for a brand steeped in tradition

Lenz & Staehelin presents a refreshed identity that builds closer connections to our clients and future employees.

Published: 16 August 2023

Deputy Managing Partner, Head of Private Clients
Published: 16 August 2023

Heini Rüdisühli

Deputy Managing Partner, Head of Private Clients, Private Clients, Real Estate, Tax

Why did you decide to re-design your branding?

When we look to the future for Lenz & Staehelin, we have much to be excited about, from our forward-thinking values to our strength in innovation. Our new look reflects those attributes, and represents the next 100 years for our firm.

Does that mean you are leaving your tradition behind?

Absolutely not. We’re very proud of our firm’s century-old heritage. We will remain the Lenz & Staehelin that our clients value, delivering the excellent service and experience they’ve come to expect. However, we want to use our online space to share useful news and perspectives on important topics. Under “Insights”, for example, we offer analyses of legal developments and their impact in the real world.

Your new logo looks very different. How did this radical change come about?

Digitalisation played an important role in the design of our new logo. It’s instantly recognisable and represents the unity of our firm, showing that the Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich locations have grown historically, but are united in strength. Its simple and concise elegance perfectly suits our ethos. And not only is the logo new, the visual representation of “The world’s Swiss law firm” has also been given a new weight.

So does the claim take on more meaning?

We wanted to emphasise it visually. The circle symbolises the world, while the squares represent the Swiss coat of arms. The branding plays with this visual representation. The Swissness of our firm is made tangible in a visual reference to Swiss concrete artists, such as Sophie Täuber Arb. With these forms, we have developed our own sub-branding for each Practice Group and Sector, with intriguing visual stories to discover behind the shapes.

The colours are also striking. What is the meaning behind them?

They are eye-catching, and as far as we know, they are unique in our industry in this combination. The colours symbolise the individuality of our employees. Each person brings their own personality, experience and interests to the firm. Our diversity is a central aspect of our new branding.

Are you putting more focus on the employees?

Our people have always been the foundation of our firm. But authenticity was particularly important to us when designing our new branding. All the images – shot by fashion photographer Markus Pritzi – are of our employees, not models. Markus has given his unusual perspective and unique look to the pictures, which we’re delighted with.

Unusual perspectives, fresh colours; does the new branding appeal to young people?

One of the main goals of our new website was to redesign the “Careers” section to appeal to students and new employees. The application process has also been simplified and clarified. With stories from the company, we give a look behind the scenes to help build a picture of what it’s like to work at Lenz & Staehelin.

It’s not just the visuals that have changed – you have a new voice too. What was the thinking behind that?

With such a diverse, bright and innovative team at L&S, we wanted our tone of voice to truly reflect our people and our values. So, when you visit our website, you feel welcomed, inspired – and perhaps intrigued to find out more about us.

What added value does the new website offer your clients?

The “Insights” section – that we’ll expand in the future – really gives our clients and other interested parties an insight into our innovative thinking. The new site allows for an active reading flow, so you can delve into different topics, find cross-references to similar cases or connect directly with leading experts.





Branding: Raffinerie

Text: Ink!

Programming: Snowflake

Pictures: Markus Pritzi

Headshots: Sandro Diener and Anoush Abrar

Typeface: Lineto

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