Expert advice across the ESG spectrum

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team consisting of highly experienced lawyers, we're uniquely placed to counsel our clients on the full range of questions that may arise in the ESG space. We advise and support them in navigating complex frameworks and understanding evolving ESG challenges and opportunities.

We have longstanding experience advising our clients on all corporate and regulatory issues linked to ESG compliance, human rights, anti-bribery and corruption, corporate governance, shareholder engagement, reporting obligations, product disclosures, and, more generally, risk management processes and controls. Over the years, we’ve also strongly increased our focus on environmental law and climate litigation, as well as novel sustainability (notably climate-related) risk management and disclosures. Another important area of our ESG advisory practice relates to providing legal advice to individuals and charities, including private, family and corporate foundations, international organisations and public-private partnerships. Our multidisciplinary approach and expert understanding of our clients' legal and business objectives enable us to help shape strategic solutions tailored to rapidly evolving ESG needs.


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