Technology and Outsourcing

Strengthening every link in your digital value chain

Technology, digitalisation and data. All powerful drivers of progress throughout the global economy. And all areas requiring specialist legal advice from sector experts who not only know the value of what they can deliver now – but where digital is heading next.

Our Technology and Outsourcing practice handles a wide range of transactional and regulatory work in all fields of technology and digitalisation across industries. From  digital transformation and ICT projects, through to data protection and cybersecurity, distributed leger technology (DLT), media and telecoms. But we’re not just familiar with the sector and its challenges, we’re fully immersed in it. We handpick specialised teams to suit your individual case – both from within our practice area and also right across our firm – to offer a fully integrated technology law service. As the demand for greater information regulation grows, so does our expertise in unravelling the complex project and privacy issues your business may face.

  • Expertise

    Data-driven business models, technology transactions and ICT projects:

    • Digitisation and digital transformation projects
    • Digital marketplaces, eCommerce, electronic contracts/signatures
    • Outsourcing (regulated and non-regulated industries)
    • Hosting, cloud computing, managed services
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) arrangements
    • Strategic business alliances and joint ventures
    • Complex ICT projects
    • M&A unbundling and IT integration, transitional services
    • Software development, licensing and distribution, and acquisition and implementation

    Data protection and privacy, cyber security (Swiss and international law, including EU-GDPR):

    • Cyber security and incident response
    • Data governance, protection and compliance management

    FinTech, distributed ledger technology (DLT):

    • Blockchain, smart contracts
    • Crypto finance, digitised capital markets
    • InsurTech, RegTech, CorpTech

    Media and telecommunications:

    • Regulatory, licensing, advertising and sponsoring on and offline
    • Performance marketing and social media, content regulation and liability
    • Telecom network outsourcing, communication and security
    • Roaming and MNVO, network sharing