We stake our reputation on protecting yours

Meticulous forward planning paired with agility to meet any sudden challenge. The work of our experienced Investigations team – one of Switzerland’s leading practices – is built on robust risk management. We provide insightful, proactive advice around strengthening all compliance policies, practices, codes of conduct and whistleblowing programmes. And we’ll help you respond to the full spectrum of statutory, regulatory and disciplinary investigations by regulatory or professional bodies and government agencies.

Heavier global regulation makes compliance more complex. And a dangerous wrong turn is especially easy in high-growth emerging markets. So at a time when standing and credibility count for everything, we maintain our reputation for the highest professional integrity. It means we're best placed to help protect yours – whether you're answering external questions into antitrust, anti-corruption, sanctions or financial services matters or initiating your own investigations.

We closely collaborate with wider external teams including forensic accountants and other agencies. And our track record worldwide working on all types of major investigations across specialist areas ensures we know how regulators and prosecutors operate. Our priority is always to partner with you to protect your interests.

  • Expertise

    • Competition investigations - e.g. by the Swiss Competition Commission, the European Commission and other foreign competition authorities
    • Corporate crime – e.g. inquiries led by international anti-corruption agencies
    • Financial regulatory investigations – by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, as well as by the US, UK and other foreign financial regulators including cross-border investigations and international assistance proceedings
    • Tax investigations – by Swiss and foreign tax authorities and enforcement agencies, in particular US IRS and DOJ, UK HMRC and others
    • Sanctions investigations
    • Internal corporate investigations into allegations of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and implicit bias
    • Compliance investigations
    • Investigations relating to Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) issues or incidents – especially those with an environmental angle


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