Public Sector

Highly specialised experts handling high profile cases

Specialising in contentious and non-contentious matters, our vastly experienced Public Sector group covers every avenue of public and administrative law, alongside complex national and international cases.

Our work sees us supporting clients to achieve their goals across all areas of the public sector – from defence, infrastructure, life science, media and mail services through to telecommunications, transport, financial markets, price surveillance and utilities. We have extensive experience advising clients in large public tender proceedings and potential follow up litigation before cantonal and federal authorities and courts. And as well as regulated industries, we also frequently advise organisations regarding public sector concern investigations by the Swiss Price Surveillance Office (PSO).

  • Expertise

    • Public procurement law
    • Energy law
    • Telecoms and media law
    • Price surveillance regulation
    • Public-private partnerships
    • Reorganisation of public and administrative entities
    • Pharmaceutical, medical and health-care regulation
    • General administrative law including public law litigation, building law and property law aspects.


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