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Vision, expertise, enthusiasm – and tireless determination. We have a lot in common with our clients, always seeking ways to help bring exciting new ideas to market across all commercial sectors. We combine our in-depth understanding and leading expertise to help tackle tough challenges encountered by new businesses.

We know that efficiency for start-ups is vital. So we work closely with founders to get the fundamentals right first time and avoid significant problems later – when such issues get expensive or even impossible to fix. Protecting your IP, anticipating the full tax picture, navigating through capital raises, getting the checks and balances across the various stakeholders right – not to mention devising appropriate employee benefits and incentives, and navigating regulatory frameworks. These are all critical areas where our cross-practice specialists collaborate to help clients get off to a sound start. We're expert in guiding the start-up lifecycle end-to-end – from early stage funding all the way through to IPO or trade sale.

Our extensive track record supporting VCs and other early stage investors is built on the same targeted approach. What's the best overall strategy for achieving their goals in a way that's most appropriate for the stage and size of the investment? And what should the workflow look like to prioritise the most important areas first? We partner with angels and other investors to add value at every stage through to growth and private equity. We're also closely engaged with industry associations both in Switzerland and internationally, and actively involved in the development of standard Swiss legal documentation for equity and convertible debt financing rounds.

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