Criminal complaint against Antoine Hubert dismissed

On 10 November 2010, the Investigating Judge of the Canton of Vaud refused to investigate further the criminal complaint that the board of directors of Genolier Swiss Medical Network SA had filed against its former executive director Antoine Hubert for alleged mismanagement, forgery, bribery of foreign officials and money laundering. The complaint had been filed before the extraordinary general meeting of 6 September 2010, on the occasion of which Mr. Antoine Hubert was seeking re-election to the board of directors of GSMN, from which he had been excluded on 9 June 2010. In its decision, the Investigating Judge notes that the accusations raised against Mr. Antoine Hubert lacked substance, and that the accusations of bribery and money laundering in particular had been made on the basis of inconsistent evidence without an objective basis.

Lenz & Staehelin advised Antoine Hubert during the latter's successful proxy and judicial fight which eventually allowed him to be re-elected to the board of directors of the company.

Published: 18 November 2010