Ticketcorner seeks judgement on the merits regarding prohibition decision of merger

In 2017, Ticketcorner Holding AG appealed the prohibition decision of ComCo on the merger between Ticketcorner and Starticket to the Swiss Federal Administrative Court. In December 2023, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court declined to issue a judgement on the merits and dismissed the appeal on procedural grounds arguing that as the identical transaction (Ticketcorner/Starticket) is highly unlikely to reoccur after so many years, Ticketcorner AG has no interest any longer in a decision on the merits. Ticketcorner Holding AG has appealed the judgment to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. Lenz & Staehelin represents Ticketcorner in this appeal.

The team consists of Marcel Meinhardt, Ueli Weber and Sophie Moser (all Competition).

Published: 9 February 2024