The Swiss Biotech Day is a premier biotechnology conference in Europe, attracting professionals from the global life sciences community. In 2024, it will once again provide a platform for networking, engaging discussions, and the exploration of advancements in R&D, manufacturing, data management, artificial intelligence, and innovative financing. The event will take place from April 22, 2024 to April 23, 2024.

For registration and further information please visit Swiss Biotech Day 2024.

Panel: How data, tech and AI can reimagine health systems

Delve into the future of healthcare with our panel at the Swiss Biotech Association as we explore the transformative power of data, technology, and AI in revolutionizing health systems. From enhancing patient outcomes to driving innovation and improving operational efficiency, our discussion will uncover the potential of personalized medicine, precision population health, and the integration of AI-driven tools. Ethical considerations surrounding data privacy and algorithmic bias will also take center stage as we navigate the path toward more accessible, equitable, and sustainable health ecosystems. Join us for insightful case studies and expert insights on collaborative efforts to shape proactive and predictive health systems.

The panel discussion takes place on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 13:00 – 13:45 at Marriott Hotel. Read more about the panel discussion on the website.

Ann Aerts, Head of the Novartis Foundation

Sevan Antreasyan, Partner at Lenz & Staehelin
Katrin Crameri, Director Personalized Health Informatics Group Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Vincent Lepreux, Investment Principal at Debiopharm Innovation Fund

Roundtable: Opportunities created by the Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement signed between Switzerland and India in the biotech sector

The Swiss Biotech Day will feature a roundtable discussion exploring biotech opportunities emerging from the recent Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement between Switzerland and India. Representatives from both nations will participate, including H.E Mridul Kumar, the Ambassador of India to Switzerland, who will deliver opening remarks. The session will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent agreement and its impact on therapeutic areas and health technologies. Participants, including Thierry Calame from Lenz & Staehelin and representatives from various other companies, will engage in open conversations to review current activities between the two countries, address key challenges, and suggest actionable solutions to enhance collaboration.

Persistent Systems
Mestastop Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Centella AI Therapeutics
Presciences Insilico
Avinya Biotech
SWATI Spentose
Veeda CR

The roundtable session takes place on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 13:15 – 13:45 at the main stage on the 3rd floor (Global Village area) of the Congress Center Basel. Read more about the roundtable discussion on the website.

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