Cinquecento Medusae exhibition

Lenz & Staehelin is delighted to host the exhibition "Cinquecento Medusae" this summer in its Geneva office. The artwork by Swiss artist Rosanna Baledda is on display in the reception hall from July 12 to September 12. The installation is made of voile and organza and carries a powerful visual message for visitors: the consequences of climate change on the oceans.

Jellyfish have existed for 500 million years, but global warming and pollution have dramatically increased their numbers. As the oceans warm, they are spreading into areas that were previously too cold. Oxygen levels in the seas have also dropped by 2% over the past 50 years due to rising temperatures and pollution.

Unlike many other species, jellyfish can survive at reduced oxygen levels. Overfishing and pollution are also responsible for the proliferation of these fascinating creatures.

Before being exhibited in our office, the work "Cinquecento Medusae" has already been presented at the Musée du Léman in Nyon, the Bibliothèque municipale in Vevey, the Pavillon Sicli in Geneva ("Immersions: une exposition sur l'eau") and the Bibliothèque municipale in Enschede.

We invite our clients and colleagues to come in and enjoy a wonderful vision.