Copyright Litigation

Published: 2 December 2014

The 2nd edition of Copyright Litigation: Jurisdictional Comparisons offers clear guidance for anyone considering litigation in a foreign country or involved in a multijurisdictional copyright litigation. Adopting a country-by-country approach, with a common format for each country, it enables quick and accurate comparisons between jurisdictions.

This title:

  • Covers the law and procedure in more than 25 major jurisdictions
  • Features contributions from leading local practitioners who are experts in the field
  • Offers a well organised starting point for international reference
  • Answers the key questions of multinational corporations and their legal advisors
  • Sets out each country’s courts and administrative system
  • Goes through civil court procedure
  • Explains the available remedies
  • Looks at the available enforcement options
  • Covers litigation costs
  • Uses a reader-friendly Q&A format that enables quick and easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons
  • Provides straightforward, practical commentary on each jurisdiction and the respective legal Systems