Sourcing World

Published: 3 January 2015

This is a work of significant value to businesses from all industries which are considering their outsourcing options.

This second edition of Sourcing World serves as single starting point of reference for corporations and their advisers, providing valuable insights and guidance to international sourcing transactions covering both the contractual and commercial arrangements and the regulatory side to things.

Written by outsourcing experts, every chapter gives a detailed overview of the legal and regulatory framework within each jurisdiction and of the terms and conditions relevant to finalising an outsourcing deal. In addition, this is one of the first works to cover also commercial practices on key negotiation items, such as financial terms and pricing models. Also, this second edition contains a comparative chapter with an overview of common trends and local variations thereof, so that readers can build outsourcing arrangements on the lessons learned from many outsourcing transactions in multiple countries. 

2nd edition, 2015, ISBN 9780414035218, Sweet & Maxwell, London (part of Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited). In English.