Swiss Intellectual Property and Competition Law. Volume IV: Patent Law and Know-how including Genetic Engineering, Software and Plant Variety Right Protection

Published: 10 May 2006

Thanks to its comprehensive treatment and systematic explanations of all Swiss intellectual property and competition laws, this book series has quickly become a valuable reference tool for the practitioner. Volume 4 (out of 11) covers patent law, including statutory subject matter and patentability requirements, inventor ship and ownership, obtaining the patent grant, the rights and limitations of the patent grant, infringement (claim interpretation and doctrine of equivalents), biotechnological and computer-implemented inventions, supplementary protection certificates, and patent information. Two separate chapters are dedicated to the protection of plant varieties and know-how, respectively.

1st edition, 2006, 1048 pages, hard cover, CHF 348, ISBN 978-3-7190-2163-4; Helbing & Lichtenhahn Verlag, Basel. In German.

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