Trade Mark Litigation

Published: 1 March 2013

Due to the success of the first edition, published in 2008, Thierry Calame of Lenz & Staehelin and Massimo Sterpi of Jacobacci & Associati have agreed to lead the second edition of Trade Mark Litigation – jurisdictional comparisons.

This title:

  • Explains the latest legislation and precedents involving trade mark litigation in over 30 jurisdictions
  • Adopts a country-by-country approach, with content provided by expert practitioners from each of the jurisdictions, following a common format to allow straightforward comparisons
  • Takes into account the enormous expansion of digital commerce and the growing roles of trade mark registration in fighting abuses on the internet
  • Answers such questions as ‘can I oppose or cancel this trade mark?’ in a particular country, and the basis for taking such action – like national or supranational rights, and the procedures for doing so
  • Sets out each country’s courts and administrative system
  • Looks at the available enforcement options
  • Goes through civil court procedure
  • Indentifies the available remedies
  • Covers trade mark enforcement against metatag
  • Examines unjustified threats of trade mark infringement
  • Looks at conflicts between trade mark and domain name
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