Students (6-8 week internship)

Wanted: talented law students who want to work with us.

Since 1980 our Geneva and Zurich offices each offer every year 12-18 motivated and talented students the opportunity to join our summer student trainee program.

The student trainee program is a six-week internship (Zurich) or an eight-week internship (Geneva) that we typically offer during law school summer break. Depending on the specific circumstances, student trainees are also welcome outside the summer break. Student trainees participating in the program are fully integrated in a small team of associates and regular trainees headed by one of our partners. While the student trainees assist on specific mandates for our clients, the program is primarily meant to give students a first practical insight into the daily work of a leading business law firm after they have spent at least five semesters at law school. The program allows student trainees to decide whether they wish to launch their career in a business law firm after graduating from law school.

Student trainees are offered semi-weekly lunch seminars that provide an introductory overview of a numerous practice areas. The program includes topics such as public tender offers, competition law, intellectual property law, litigation and arbitration, professional rules of conduct, contract drafting, preparation for law school exams and the bar exam, postgraduate studies abroad, etc.

While our student trainee program is not a recruiting tool as such, we frequently employ former student trainees with excellent academic qualifications as regular trainees after they have completed their master's degree (or equivalent) at law school. Student trainees are compensated for the time they work with us.


We look forward to receiving applications for our student trainee program from motivated and talented candidates who have completed at least five semesters at law school.

Please send your application together with your photo, curriculum vitae, diplomas and references to:

Geneva and Lausanne offices:

Private and confidential
Lenz & Staehelin
Hikmat Maleh
Route de Chêne 30
CH-1211 Geneva 6

Zurich office:

Private and confidential
Lenz & Staehelin
Tino Gaberthüel
Brandschenkestrasse 24
CH-8027 Zurich