Global Financial Services Regulators: Europe, Introductory Chapter: Switzerland

Published: 10 October 2005

Rapid growth in financial services regulation in many countries has led to demand for high quality data about agencies and institutions involved in national and international regulatory systems and explanation of the legal context in which they operate. This major new publication provides detailed, consistently presented information for nearly 800 institutions. It covers organizations with regulatory responsibilities, whether primary or secondary, for the banking and financial services industry on both national and international levels. Invaluable data provided for each institution include: scope of regulation; legal basis; financing; key personnel and organizational structure; history; current regulatory developments; regulatory objectives; activities and implementation; measures to ensure compliance; accountability; complaints and redress; relationships with other regulatory bodies; and, principal publications. The information provided for each regulatory body has been reviewed by a leading law firm in each jurisdiction. This data is complemented by a comprehensive explanation of the financial services regulatory framework in each country, provided by the same law firm.

These overviews include: description of the nature of the regulatory regime; recent regulatory developments; analysis of the regulatory bodies, their policies, operational activity and relationships; scope of regulatory responsibilities, their application and legal basis; explanation of the international context; and, future developments expected.